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Indoor air quality may be a larger threat to your health than you would expect. Because we run our heaters most of the winter (and our air conditioning systems throughout the summer), any particles in the air only get the chance to continue to circulate. You might have an air filter in place, but this is not very effective at getting the smallest of contaminants out of the air.

A separate indoor air quality system, installed in your HVAC system, can help to get rid of even more of the contaminants that irritate or exacerbate pre-existing conditions (like asthma and allergies), and those that could make you sick. We install and service whole-house air purifiers, including electronic systems, filtration systems, and UV air purifiers.

The Benefits of a Whole–House Air Purifier
A whole–home air purifier benefits you in a number of ways. Your indoor air could be full of particles that make you sick. And while you may be able to purchase a small purifier from the store, a system that cleans the air throughout the house is a lot more effective than an isolated, portable unit. Your home HVAC system sucks in the air from around the home, and, while you do have an air filter in place, it can miss a lot of particles that make you sick or aggravate long–term illnesses.

Relieve asthma symptoms and allergies.
Reduce illnesses among family members.
Feel more comfortable throughout the house.
Invite more guests over, regardless of pre–existing conditions.
Which Is the Best Air Purifier for You?

There are a number of different options available to homeowners looking for ways to improve the air quality in the home. Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. There are simple filters that use various media to catch particles so they cannot recirculate in the air. But then there are a couple of other options:

Air Filtration Systems: Quality air filtration systems use media with a larger surface area to trap more particles than the standard filter. Electronic Air Purifiers: An ionization process charges particles so that they cling to another surface, usually a set of plates inside.

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