Duct Work



The ducts in your home are crucial to your comfort. Ducts lead out to the various rooms of your home, allowing air and heat to distribute as evenly as possible. Some homes achieve this with the help of a zone control system—individual dampers that control the level of airflow that goes out to the various rooms. Others have a seemingly simple design.

In any case, problems with your air ducts can drastically reduce your home comfort. Poorly installed ducts can be so leaky that your energy bills are far too high, since you pay to cool or heat crawlspaces and other areas that no one is using. Unfortunately, even well-sealed ducts can develop leaks, and any system will one day require a replacement. For ductwork repair, replacement, or new installation, contact our experts.

The experts at Allied Heating & Cooling LTD. can replace your ducts so that air flows through your home as efficiently as possible. Call us for better home comfort and energy savings through our ductwork services in Winnipeg, MB.

No matter what your heating or cooling needs are, we can meet them. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our heating technicians.

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