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Zone Control Systems in Winnipeg, MB Centralized climate control systems have their benefits, which is why the majority of the country uses them. However, they are not perfect systems. The main issue that central heat and air conditioning systems struggle with is the lack of ability to modulate their output for various rooms. At first, this may seem like a minor inconvenience. Think about it, though. What about all those empty rooms in your house that are getting heated or air conditioned for no reason? What about all of those rooms that are warmer or cooler than the rest of the house, and just get more uncomfortable when you’re trying to even out the other rooms? This leads to a lot of wasted energy on parts of the home that don’t need climate control. Fortunately, there is a solution. Allied Heating & Cooling LTD. provides comprehensive zone control services throughout Winnipeg, MB. Call us for more information.
We Install and Service Zone Control Systems Installing a zone control system requires access to the ducts, the power grid, and a pretty good amount of professional training and experience. This is not a do–it–yourself project. If you need a zone control system installed in your home, we can help you out! Allied Heating & Cooling LTD. offers full zone control installation services throughout Winnipeg, MB. We’ll take care of all of your zone control installation needs for you. We also provide zone control repair and maintenance services. These systems are not as simple as “plug and play.” They are actually quite complex, and the smallest issue could cause big problems for the whole system.

So, call Allied Heating & Cooling LTD., and we’ll make sure that your zone control system stays in the best possible shape.

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